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New Image Carpets "On the Floor" Carpet Deals

  • Riviera 70oz Tweed Saxony

    at Low Low Prices!

    ..just one of our On the Floor deals .

    Riviera 70oz Tweed Saxony

    Riviera 70oz Tweed Saxony

    A luxury carpet is what your home deserves and Riviera saxony is just the ticket to give warmth and comfort underfoot. Available in 10 colourways in 4 mtr wide

  • Snowdon 55oz Saxony

    Luxury at a Price

    Soft deep Pile Carpet

    Snowdon 55oz Saxony

    Super Thick Pile

    Step onto this beautiful super soft saxony pile and you can instantly feel the luxury underfoot. Available in 16 colourways and 4 mtr or seam saving 5 mtr wide.

  • Carefree Tones

    mix & match

    Bleach Cleanable deep Pile

    Carefree Tones

    Mix and Match plain and Stripe

    Durable and tastefully styled for any home. Use as a plain or a stripe or mix and match the colours between rooms. Choice of 4 mtr or extra wide 5 mtr

Carpet is the most practical, fashionable and versatile flooring choice, and it accounts for more than half of all flooring purchases made each year. In fact, carpet has outsold every other type of floor covering for nearly 50 years because it offers many advantages that other flooring choices do not. Here's a few of the unique benefits that carpeting adds to your home - some you probably haven't thought of!

It's the ideal choice for bedrooms, family rooms and other areas where warmth underfoot is crucial. In combination with underlay it will provide an extra layer of insulation between floors of your home. In fact, depending on its density and weight, the decrotive look of floorcoverings can contributes to the retail value of a home. The soft pile provides a non-slip surface to prevent accidents and a natural cushion in the event of a fall. This is especially important for young children and the elderly.

Reducing surface noise from foot traffic, absorbing airborne sound and blocking transmission of sound between floors. These qualities are especially valuable in apartments and semi-detached homes. The addition of carpeting to a room can disguise existing floor damage and hide other irregularities such as uneven or warped floors, walls, posts and other irregular and non-level surfaces, with no worry that it'll slip, lift or buckle. Todays carpets are more stain-resistant than ever before, making cleanups of even the worst spills a breeze.

Scientific studies have shown that carpet can improve indoor air quality by trapping potential allergy-causing particulates - if it is properly cleaned and maintained. Carpet offers an economical alternative to many other flooring choices, and installation costs are typically less than for hard surfaces.

Vinyl flooring - comfortable and inexpensive

  • New Atlantic

    Unbeatable Prices!

    available 2mtr, 3mtr & 4mtr wide

    New Atlantic Cushioned Vinyl

    Durable and inexpensive

    Practicle and hardwaring cushioned vinle flooring in a range of 15 designes and colourways

  • Buzz Vinyl Flooring

    Retro Style Living

    Cool and trendy

    Buzz Vinyl Flooring

    Retro Look Living

    A range packed with retro style designs to harmonise with shabby chic decor

  • Grip Supreme

    anti slip flooring

    Soft and Safe

    Grip Supreme

    Anti Skid Flooring

    hardwearing anti slip vinyl flooring 20 designs tastfully styled for modern kitchens and bathrooms available 2,3 and 4 mtr wide

Vinyl floors are the most striking, appealing, versatile flooring resource available today. There is a huge selection of spectacular colors, styles, and texture at very affordable prices to choose from. Whatever your vision and dream are, vinyl floors are the hottest trend with natural and soft feels to the touch. Vinyl floors add to the comfort of any room and fit any decor. It is practical and efficient, Vinyl floors are easy to maintain, spills are effortless to clean. With vinyl floors, dirt and soil is simply mop with water, no harsh soap or cleaner are needed. This is the perfect solution for areas with high-traffic and dirt built-up problem. From residential home to offices and industry of all sizes, vinyl floors are the ideal choice and an absolute investment.

The Many Benefits of Vinyl Flooring Include:
* Unlimited design options - No other flooring offers so many styles
* Ease of installation - Vinyl can go almost anywhere immediately
* Low Maintenance - No hassles with mopping just sweep or vacuum
* Good Durability - Even in high traffic areas
* Broad Range of Costs - Fits all budgets
* Unlimited Usage - Use in any room of the home
* Better Resiliency - Warmer to the touch and softer and quieter underfoot
* Extremely Moisture resistant: For wet area use, no grout lines

Wood and laminate Flooring

  • Chelsea Lamiate Flooring

    Fantastic Value!

    Realistic V grove

    Chelsea Laminate Flooring

    Heavy duty flooring

    Come with a "V" grove finish to excentuate each 8mm thick board packs of 2.16 sq mtrs

  • Kensington Laminate

    Traditional Style Flooring


    Classic Styled Flooring

    The simple styling of the floor with a 3 panel plank effect gives durablity at a price

  • Belgravia

    Extra Large boards

    Ultra Stylish


    Elegant and Sophisticated

    This laminte flooring uses extra large "V" groved boards to give you home that wow factor!

These products bring the natural make up of wood effect into your home laminate flooring is durable and easy to keep clean. Because of its type of manufacture it is economical too. There are qualities to suit most installations and pockets The new ranges are becoming so realistic that you think itís the real thing. These can be DIY. fit or professionally installed


This material comes in two types solid wood and engineered. True solid wood whatever the species are available from Oak to Walnut with a number of optional plank sizes and thickness There are the softwoods (pine) or the hard woods (oak). Once installed they will look great and last giving years of pleasure


These are an extremely strong and stable type of real wood the only differences being that you have a 5mm(on average) veneer on top of a block board and ply base. The surface appears the same as solid wood

Once fitted these floors are very stable and don't expand and contract like other floors. This flooring will also keep its looks for years.